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Brian teaches creative nonfiction for the Sackett Street Writing Workshops and Catapult, and is available for private consultations on manuscripts and writing projects. He excels at content editing and working with writers on fully developing their ideas/stories, as well as structuring their final pieces. Nascent and emerging writers find Brian is a fantastic coach and confidence builder. He's adept at seeing the big picture, and sussing out the heart of a piece. He knows book proposals very well, and with experience writing well over 300 blog posts for Disney's Babble, in addition to his many personal essays, reviews, and cultural reporting, Brian has a strong grasp of nonfiction in all its forms. He's coached authors as they've written memoirs and helped them land agents, done content development on novels and memoirs in-progress, and ghost written articles and pitches. As a former middle school humanities teacher, his grammar skills are strong. Here's what former students and clients have said about working with Brian:


Brian is a caring, kind, and intuitive teacher. In addition to being genuinely excited about writing and teaching it as a craft, he's responsive to questions and generous with his time. I learned a lot in the nonfiction class I took with Brian, and left with a deeper understanding of how to create emotional connections with a reader, follow the arc of a narrative, and choose details that move the story forward. – Luna Adler


I came in wanting to produce at least two chapters from my next haiku book, but instead I got the tools I needed to write an entire next book—one that is going to be challenging, but that I'm going to be really proud of. In Brian's class, I felt like I “leveled up,” learning creative strategies to organize and make my work more readable and interesting. I gained an excitement and enthusiasm for writing that I didn't have before - an energy that I plan to keep flowing now that the class is done! – Kristen Lem, author of Haiku to Fall in Love To


I worked with Brian on a few projects, and it was not only a pleasure working together but I am very happy with the results. Brian is an amazing writer. He's quick, responsive, and really listens to your needs and feedback. I recommend him! Lisa Zeitlhuber


I took Brian's workshop in non-fiction and worked on two pieces with the class, while also reading and giving feedback on students' work. That experience reignited my writing process in a serious way. I continued to work on the second piece from the class with Brian one-on-one, and he encouraged me to submit it for publication. He helped me understand the submission process, and tracked down contacts at the publications on my short list. That piece kinda blew up on the Internet and the next thing I know I have a literary agent and am working on a full-length book project. Will you get an agent by taking Brian's class? Unclear. But you will gain an honest understanding of both your strengths and tics as a writer, and hopefully a kick in the motivation pants while you're at it. – Christina Wallace


"Brian's supportive listening and willingness to see the potential value of his student's ideas created the perfect atmosphere, encouraging our creativity and imagination. His class was well organized, extremely well-informed and offered plenty of practical details and advice about publishing." – Ileana Florian

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