Short Stories

The Width of Instinct,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn

The Open Palm of Desire,” Joyland Magazine


Select Nonfiction

Biblical Rebels and Romantics in The First Love Story,” The Rumpus

Race, Kids–and the Perils of Silence,” Quiet Revolution

Classroom as Community: Creating Safe Spaces in Creative Nonfiction Workshops,” written in collaboration with Erika Anderson, Poets & Writers Magazine

Boys in Dresses and the Differences that Define Us,” Quiet Revolution

The Poetics of Trauma and Life After Rape: A Profile of Frances Driscoll,” the Los Angeles Review of Books

Against Silencing, Why All Writers—Even White Men—Should Discuss Gender,” The Rumpus

On the Pleasures of Plot, and Writing a Bestseller,” LitHub

From Talking Heads to Twirling Flags: Behind the Scenes of David Byrne’s Contemporary Color,” VICE

Is It Cooler to Be a Stay-at-Home Dad than a Stay-at-Home Mom?” a conversation with novelist Stephanie Feldman, Salon

Boys Don’t Cry,” a conversation with psychologist Ronald Levant, Guernica Magazine

Exile in Guyville by Gina Arnold,” The Rumpus

Please Don’t Ask How My Son Is Doing,” DAME Magazine

How Being a Stay-at-Home Dad Made Me Embrace My Inner Feminist,” Bustle

I Told My Biological Father Goodbye—And It Made All the Difference,” Salon

What, Exactly, Would Lynne Tillman Do?” The Brooklyn Rail

“How to Network Without Feeling Like a Phony,” Poets & Writers Magazine (print only)

A Masculine Instragram, No Filter: Adelle Waldman’s Portrait of a Guy,” The Los Angeles Review of Books

Revenge of ‘Speakerboxxx:’ How Big Boi Flipped the Outkast Script,” The

Television Man: David Byrne on the Couch,” The Paris Review Daily

Jonathan Lethem on the Power of Talking Heads’ Fear of Music,” The Daily Beast

Quentin Tarantino Talks to Himself,” Salon

Ballad of the Barrette Boy,” The Good Men Project

Adventures in Fatherhood: Lone Wolf Joins the Pack, Kind of,” The Huffington Post